Question about Error reading while climbing


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Greetings, I have a Raleigh Venture 2.0 (2018 vintage) with a Bosch/Purion system. It works fine except when I am climbing a steeper slope ( close to 10% ) then it will generate a general error message and shut down ( there is no error number displayed ). I try to ride with a consistent cadence and maintain speed between 7/8 MPH. I do not get out of the saddle. Despite these measures, about 3/4 of the way through a 5 mile climb the unit shuts down. I then turn and descend a short distance while I turn the computer off and on to reboot. Then it works fine again. I had the software checked by my local bike mechanic who is quite good and he did not find any issues.
Any thoughts-should I think about replacing the Purion system ? It is a small but consistent distraction and I find myself now anticipating the shut down through the climb which takes away from enjoyment.
Thanks very much for your time and any thoughts, Bill74