Question about replacing stock AXA Compactline 30 headlight with AXA Blueline 50-E6


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I purchased a new AXA Blueline 50-E6 headlight that I want to install on my 2021 Gazelle Medeo T10+. The bike comes with an AXA Compactline 30 light. My question is the new Blueline 50 has two wires. A solid black and a black & white wire coming from the light. Which is the hot and which is the ground? Nothing in the one-page instruction sheet defines that.
Also, are there any known issues in terms of changing from the stock AXA to the Blueline? I have the wires ready to add the spade connectors for the Blueline, but want to be sure I don't fry something connecting the wrong wires!
Thank you in advance for any advice that can be provided.