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The Velo Plush seat is nice, but after a number of miles, my butt hurts. To try a new seat, do you just get one and mount it on the existing Promax seat tube, or do you have to get a new seat/tube combination? Has anyone tried a more comfortabke seat?


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Saddles are a very personal choice, along with pedals and grips. I rode a Velo Plush for a couple months, it's a good saddle, just wasn't right. There are different saddles for men and women, so Jim I'll tell you what I like.

Brooks B17 Imperial, fits like a glove and I'll have it for 20 years.

Good place to learn about bike saddles:

A couple of threads here on EBR in the accessories forum:

Good luck!

EDIT: You could also contact a pro bike fitter in your area, everybody has access to at least one these days. Just Google it for your zip.
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