Question for Aurora Owners


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Hello !

Can you describe the "Feel" & Ride Experience of your Aurora ?

And, What Other Bikes did you compared to, before you decided on the Aurora ?
(any close second places.....)

Feel free to comment on anything you think I should know (good or not so good)


Al P

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My Aurora is 4 years old now, and there have been a few changes made, but I will say that it is a very comfortable bike to ride. The front suspension and the added seat post suspension take bumps well. It could use a bit more fork support to prevent steering wobble , and it is very heavy at about 64 lbs. with battery. My 250w motor is not enough for steep hills but they have solved that problem on the new models. I would buy another one in a heartbeat if they weren't so heavy, but the company is excellent, so I will wait for a lighter model like the 26" Galaxy, which they discontinued.


Wife has a 2018 750w with the nuvinci we added the stem extender (she’s 5’9”) and I put a set of 2.4 Schwalbe super moto x’s and new fenders, stock fenders are rather cheesy. It’s really a fun comfortable ride and powers up our no ca coastal hills just fine. It handles and brakes as expected.


Just a comment of chain vs. belt drive -- If you get the belt drive it should be a far different experience than anything you've ridden. Integrated Rear Hub and the Gates Belt Drive seems to be where Evelo has concentrated a lot of their efforts. It's a far simpler, maintenance-free setup that a lot of elderly people like. I do not want to spend my weekends greasing or rebuilding anything. I want to lay it in a car without worrying about marking up the carpet or knocking my derailleur out of whack. A lot of that extra weight is the rear integrated hub, a mid-drive motor and the stiffer frame. Much of that weight is kept centered, and low.

I'm not sure they can compare with other ebikes because almost no one is concentrating on this configuration.


Overall, I like my Aurora. Wish I would have known the limited edition was coming before I ordered mine, as the Gates belt drive and the bigger battery and extended range were just about the last remaining boxes that were not checked. The Aurora checked the most of the boxes that I was looking for, step through, mid drive, CVT gearless shifting, being able to shift while not pedaling, as well as auto mode, can also use throttle only, has fenders and rear rack, thicker tires in between road and MTB, front suspension, higher speed up to 28 mph, hydraulic disc brakes.

My initial problem with the battery % remaining was fixed with the display being reprogrammed. Only issue now is a rattling somewhere when the motor is engaged, which I cant really pin down where it is coming from, as it only happens when moving. But, will try to test without the wheel touching the ground to see if I can pinpoint it. When I remove the battery, sounds like there is something inside that is loose and rolling around, but doesnt really sound like that is the cause. Cant do much about it, so hope it is not going to be an issue.


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The Aurora model has been around for years. Even today, there are two Aurora models: a Hub Drive and the Limited Edition (about twice the price). The frame itself is probably the very similar (forks are the same), so overall riding position and stiffness will be similar, but the experience of a hub drive with external gears versus a mid-drive with an IGH will be very different.

There's a current thread on Low Step Bikes you might want to peruse. You can spend as little as $1500 for a Rad-City Step-Thru or $10K for a fully decked out Riese and Muller Homage (full suspension, belt drive, IGH, rear rack, etc.). There are also small wheel versions available.

What kind of riding do you do, or plan to do?


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The Search is over...................

I went Deep down the Rabbit Hole on this topic, and
my Wife & I finally settled on these bikes.
Our 1st E-bikes.

Many Check Boxes were filled by the Giant LaFree +1

- Yamaha Mid Drive Motor
- 60Nm Torque
- Super Smooth Power
- Gates Carbon Belt
- Nexus internal gearing
- Hydraulic Breaks
- Upright Ride
- Just the right size Tires
- Large company Support
- Tons of Local Giant Dealers around
- Well within budget $$
- Panasonic Battery
- 4A Charger
- Warranty 2 Year Comprehensive, Lifetime Frame