Question for the Felt Lebowske owners


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What speed are you seeing per PAS level, their website does not post that info. Also what kind of terrain are you riding on to achieve those speeds. I am assuming, most who purchased this bike, did so for dirt trail riding. Thanks.


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I got my 2015 Lebowske in March 2016, and am pushing 700 trail miles so far.. As far as I can tell, all PAS levels assist up to 20 mph, but I rarely go that fast on trails. The same holds true for my Haibike Xduro RX29, using the same Bosch motor.

FYI Felt recalled several 2014-15 ebike models to remedy a design flaw: the internally-routed wiring can damage the steerer tube. In my case, they replaced the fork at ~600 miles because the grooves were quite deep and would have likely worn right through within another ~500 miles.
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