Question regarding Topeak rack for new E3 Dash


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I plan on getting the Topeak Super Tourist DX rack to put on my new bike. I know the Dash has disc brakes, but I recall reading somewhere that someone installed the non-disc version of the rack on their Dash. So which version of the Super Tourist DX should I get, the standard version or the one designed for bikes with disc brakes?

Any and all help appreciated.

Charly Banana

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You don't need the disc brake version for the Dash even though it has disc brakes. Some bikes have the disc brake above the axle which can interfere with the rack mounts. However, because the Dash disc brake is forward of the axle it doesn't interfere with the rack mounts. I have the Topeak Super Tourist Rack on my Dash and I used the non-disc version.
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I'll make a note of this thread since I expect to buy a rack once I've got some more miles on commuting, and really know my needs. Thanks.


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have you looked at This Thread for more information about those racks? And for installing it with fenders there is other information, pretty easy installs. The Topeak expanding bags are nice as they can be big or small as needed.