Questions about an electric scooter if anybody could help?


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I recently purchased a Brookstone Bluline Elite 10 Electric Scooter. Not only did it not come with an allen wrench or hex key set as it was supposed to in the box, luckily I had a few, but the instructions were literally just a pamphlet on what not to do and gave no help on setup. If anyone knows about this model and could help it would be amazing and I will be forever grateful. Brookstone's call center is down because of covid which is completely ridiculous because that is a job you can do from home. Also they send you to some Southern Telecom number and the website it refers you to is just a feeder site that directs you to that you have to pay to get an answer for. Apparently that's their customer support. Now since it was manufactured by Brookstone and sold through Hardline LLC to Walmart which I eventually bought off of I have no way of finding out the questions I have, so here they are if anyone can help.

1. The advertisement that led me to buying it and the box clearly states a 500 watt motor but the instructions say a 350 watt. My first assumption is that there is a speed limiter on it and if there is does anybody know how to turn it off? I tried holding down the break while turning it on but that gives me a reading E3 which I'm assuming is error 3 meaning you have the brake held down while you're turning on the scooter. So I tried pushing the throttle down while turning it on but I get a reading E4 which I've learned from some scooter videos on YouTube that's that is a general e-scooter error usually meaning you have the throttle pushed down during startup so that it doesn't zip away if you have zero start. So assuming both of those assumptions are correct that they're just error codes that means I'm not changing or taking off the speed limiter if it has one. I would also like to point out that I live in Maine and we don't have a scooter speed law at the moment. So with that said my final assumption is that it is maxed out at 500 watts for torque starting off or climbing hills and that after a certain amount of time it goes down to 350 watts to maintain speed and charge time. So I guess my first question is, is there a speed limiter on this type of e-scooter and if so how do I remove it? Or is it just a discrepancy on the box and instructions because it's 500 watt Max for torque for starting out and on hills and then drops down to 350 after a certain amount of time and they're actually is no speed limiter that I can turn off?

2. One thing they did say in the instructions is that the cruise control would come on when you sustain a speed for 6 seconds or longer. However I have driven this e-scooter to work and back several times which is about 3 to 4 MI away. On some of those stretches I'm going 16 miles an hour which is as fast as I can get it to go (unless there's a speed limiter to remove like I said in question one)for miles at a time and the cruise control never kicks in. When I start up the scooter it shows a light indicator on the LCD display for the cruise control. It actually has all the lights light up. One for your speed, one for what gear you're in either P1 or P2, one for whether or not your lights are on or off, one for miles per hour, one for kilometers per hour depending on which you switch to, and finally a light indicator switch that shows a Bluetooth icon. To start the scooter up you hold the power button down for 2 seconds, to change gears you just press the power button once to go back and forth between the two, to turn on the lights you press the power button twice and it will turn them on or off, and to switch between KPM and MPH you hit the power button three times in a row and it'll switch back and forth. However I can not find any combination of holding brakes, throttle, or button pushes of the power button to turn the cruise control on or off. So my second question after all that and I apologize for texting so much is if the cruise control is supposed to automatically come on after 6 seconds of a sustained speed and mine isn't, is there a way to toggle it on or off so that I can turn it on? It very much cramps up my hand keeping the throttle down the whole time especially when I have long flat distances between my house and work where cruise control would come in perfect.

3. My third and final question kind of relates to the second question and I guess the first question. As I said, I notice a Bluetooth icon on the display yet I have turned the the scooter on and my phone (actually various phones) and could not find a Bluetooth connection to the scooter. I also looked on Google Play to see if there was any type of app for this electronic scooter and there is not. So my third question is how do you access the Bluetooth function on the Brookstone Bluline Elite 10 electric scooter and what is it for? I know some electric scooters have Bluetooth built in so you can listen to music but this does not have any speakers, so I was thinking maybe that it's just a non-user Bluetooth meaning that there's a certain way to access it for people to do maintenance on it or firmware upgrades, but that still means there's some way to access it and I was wondering how to do that?

If anyone could help with these three questions I would greatly appreciate it because sending back a 33 pound electric scooter to get a new one just so I can utilize the cruise control and Bluetooth would be a huge pain in the you know what. And since all the lights light up when I turn the scooter on I'm assuming everything is working and that the cruise control and Bluetooth functions may just be shut off and there must be some way to turn them on, as well as there may be a speed limiter since the instructions say 350 watts and the box of the scooter says 500 watts that there also may be a way to toggle that. Unless I'm right that there is no speed limiter on this specific scooter and the 500 watts is just for extra torque in specific instances and then drops down to 350 Watts after a certain amount of time. So again for anyone that read this long post thank you for your time and I appreciate it, and if anyone could help I would be forever grateful. Thanks again. Your friend, Grim.