Quick disconnect cable connectors


Is there any special technique to separating the quick disconnect connectors that go between various components on Ebikes? Like for example between the display module and sensors, motor cut off sensors, etc.? I'm thinking you just pull them apart but on my bike they feel pretty tight and I don't wanna break anything.


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It would help to know what bike you have. A picture of the connectors would be nice too.....


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Most of these connectors are Higo, Julet or something similar. They are waterproof and therefore fit very snugly. Some have threaded collars but this should be obvious. I use a pair of crescent faced pliers to grip one side of the connector body while working the other side with my fingers. With a little effort, I can usually get them apart. Whatever you do, DO NOT pull on the wires! There are some proprietary connectors out there though which can be tricky. You might call or email the bike maker to see what they recommend.

As McCorby suggests, post a picture and you might get better advice.