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Quigley Motorsports - UPDATE

Stealth contacted him and he said he would contact reach out to the customers that he is holding their money since Nov last year.

I have heard nothing.

I've sent him email, msg through his website, and msg through facebook. And nothing.

I'm going to give the local police a ring and get this off center.

Only reason I'm posting this is to help the community avoid getting scammed like it did.

AVOID QUIGLEY MOTORSPORTS. Please pass this on to the Stealth community, face-book, etc.....

I'm not talking about $50 us either.. this is over $1000 USD.

Dear South Australia Police,

I am writing you in hopes I can get some help with a matter of a purchase I made over the internet with a business called Quigley Motorsports in Nov 2015.

Per attached reciepts (paypal) i've made 2 payments late last year, and seller has stopped contact with me, and has failed to deliver the goods.

The business is Quigley Motorsports.
Link below:
(Link Removed - No Longer Exists)

Quigley Motorsport - Quigley Motorsport
(Link Removed - No Longer Exists)
Quigley Motorsport strives to provide the highest qualtiy products and service.

11/21/15 - I sent $1069 AUS
Quigley said I needed to send add'l payment for shipping, so on
11/25/15 - I sent $412.30 AUS for shipping.

The items purchased from his website are:
1 x Quigley Motorsport Gen 2.1 kickstand assembly,
1 x Quigley Motorsport mudguard assembly,
1 x Stealth workshop stand and
1 x Stealth key ring thank you. Calculated freight including international tracking (2 packages) is $322.30AU (approx 231.25US).

Since I paid through paypal, I disputed the payment of $1069 AUS in early Jan.... but Lincoln Quigley contacted me as said to release his funds and he would send the product.... I trusted him, cancelled the claim, and I have not heard from him since. Now paypal says tough luck... once you make a claim and then close it.. there is no further recourse through paypal.

There is another US buyer in this situation as well. I can submit his information if needed for reference..
He has since put in a claim with paypal... and I suspect he will get his money back via paypal.....

Wish me luck on this INT"L refund hunt.

back to your normally scheduled program


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Hello, did you ever get a resolution? And did u ever find a stand bc I am at a loss as to where I can find a good repair stand