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This Dutch made e-bike was my eventual choice after some months of searching. It has proved to be exactly what I needed. The quality of build is almost entirely of non-corrosive parts. Now after six months of use through summer and into winter I truly have become attached to the e-bike concept. I am 77 and had used conventional machines (since I was 13 when I rode to school) that had taken me cycle touring in most of Europe and many times to Japan. I live in the UK.
Things in the breathing department had become difficult over the past year. Saved by the e-bike! Little by little I made a few changes to my Qwic Urban so that it suited me better.


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I'm sure to reflect our personal preferences, we all make changes to our e-bikes as time goes by. I felt I was too much sit-up-and-beg. I had bars that were bent and also kicked upward about 30mm from centre. Now I have now fitted straight bars, and a longer stem that slopes downwards and at the same time, reduced the width of the bars by 35mm each side. I found the bars and stem in a local shop. Along with a few other sets they had been taken from a new conventional bike where the customer had wanted to switch to 'drops'. They had been put in a plastic bucket in a corner!
They are much better. Easier into the wind and being more 'over the crank' my pedalling effort seems more efficient.
The photos show the before and after.


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This e-bike has given me more winter cycling pleasure than I have known for a few years....


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Tara D.

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Fantastic! I am glad to hear how e-bikes have helped you get back to the joy of riding! How neat to have had the pleasure to ride so many places. The bike looks nice and I like your set up!