R&M Charger 3 or Delite - 4 choices


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Hello there,

I followed all the discussions on this forum since few months. Thanks a lot for all the tips - it's very interesting and it was very helpful when talking to people in the shops. I am planning to buy a R&M, mainly due to back and knee injuries (recommended by my kine) but I also really like their e-bikes and the fact that you can basically customised it according to your needs.

My main use = 25 to 30 kms per day (100% road in good condition) on a 4 days basis - plus more offroad with my dog on the week-ends.

Choice 1 = Normal speed or High Speed. The regulation is more flexible in Belgium than in other countries. I was very suprised that the difference in terms of price is only 400€ (i was expecting something like 1,000€). I do not want to regret it in 1 year time, so that's why I am opting for the HS version. I got confirmation that the 2021 model Bosch Performance line speed is upgraded with the torque at 85NM, but apparently it's not retrofittted to previous models, including the 2020 version.

Choice 2 = Transmission Vario or Rohloff? I have the NuVinci N380 installed on my Bike43. I get used to it and really enjoy it, very simple and no issue until now, after 2 years and more than 5,000 kms. However, the reseller is telling me to choose only the Rohloff version on the Delite as it is FS (for Charger 3, no problem, I can go for the 2 options). They do not sell anymore Delite or SD with Vario, due to some issues with the cables and bad experience from the riders complaining about the lack of reactivity when "changing gears".
Something unclear to me is about the Enviolo. It says "Enviolo custom by R&M". I searched but could not find what that means? Did R&M change something to the original Enviolo system? When I am asking for it in the shops, nobody knows.

I like both of them, enviolo is very simple, but with Rohloff I would lose less money if I want to sell it in 5 years time.

Choice 3 = Frame size. I am in between 2 sizes (I did not manage to test the 2 sizes to make my personal opinion). My question is whether it's better to choose the smallest or the biggest, when you have this choice. I got diverging messages from resellers... Is it true that comfort is better on the smallest size and efficiency is better on the biggest one?

Choice 4 = Range (625WH or more). I tested many of them (Charger 3, Supercharger 2, Delite and SuperDelite). For my day to day business (25-30kms), I do not think I will need more than 625WH, it's lightweight and I found Supercharger and SD very massive (even though both of them are excellent bikes!). That's why I restricted my search on these 2 models, Charger 3 and Delite.
I watched the video from the test made by EBR on the Delite GT Rohloff. He gave me a brilliant idea, which is to buy an extra battery. My idea is to switch the battery every 2 months so that I do not let one of the battery uncharged for a too long period. Like that, I would have 1,250WH if I really need it for very long trip, which may happen only few times a year. I found one battery in Germany at 600€, plus 100€ for an extra charger.
Is that a good option in your opinion?

Considering all of that, my budget would allow me to either choose the Charger 3 with Vario/Rohloff, or the Delite with Vario (+GX option), plus an extra battery and Kiosx (it was confirmed to me that the Nyon display will only be available as from February 2021). The RX connect being available in Belgium, i would also consider it.

What I found pretty cool on the Delite is the FS, especially on cycling paths or offroad. I also like the GX option on the Delite which I found very cool but I may ask to switch the Rock Razor tyres with the Super Moto X, which are more appropriate for my use (the reseller told me that the updgrade of the suspension at 140mm is only made in the front, whereas I thought it was also applicable to the rear? R&M website is not that clear I must say).

If I am reasonable, I would pick the Charger 3 or if I follow my heart, I would pick the Delite. Difficult choice I have to make in the next days ;-)... The reseller has the 2 of them in stock, brand new 2021 model, and they sell them using the 2020 prices. The update of the price will take place on the 1st of September (expected at 200-300 € more).

Thanks a lot for your help!
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