R15 questions

Prabha Gopinath

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The Optibike website indicates that the R11 is no longer in production and has been replaced by the R15. I have cit and paste some of teh product description below and have some questions. I hope someone that owns one or perhaps someone from Optibike can answer these:

"new digital display with 5 power levels that can be selected with push of a button on the handlebar. The levels range from an easy low torque 250W in level 1, to a blazing fast 1500W with the full 175N-m of torque in level 5."

"Our new torque control throttle makes riding at the speed and cadence that you like much easier, and gives finer control of the output of the motor for those tough offroad trails."

1. Does the LCD control panel essentially provide selectable power limits?
2. Does the bike have a torque/cadence sensing drive system as is commonly understood or does the second quote simply mean that having five levels of power limitation gives finer throttle control and reduces the probability that you could fly off the road by applying the throttle a little too enthusiastically?

I hear that Optibike is offering upgrades to existing R11s to the R15. Does anyone have more info on this? I assume that this is purely a software and control panel upgrade that will give the same five levels of control to an R11's throttle vs the current near-on-off behavior?

I also hear that Optibike is going to introduce another R series model that will sit between the R15 and the disco-ed R11. Does anyone have any further information om this?



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1. The LCD displays the power level you select. You select the power level by pressing a button with your thumb.
2. The bike will cut power at certain speeds (power level 1 at 15mph, power level 2 at 20.8 mph, power level three at 28 mph, etc....
3. My bike is a R11 turn R15. Motor and controller were replaced.