Rack bags for rear rack


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  • Aloha everybody great and informative forum . Anybody using bags that clip into the city rack for St1 besides racktime. They have no distributors here in the states yet. Checked all over the Internet and everybody doesn't have any. Your Kokua would be appriciated.
  • Aloha from way in the pacific where shipping is out of this world lol


I'm using an Arkel Signature H. It clips in great.

There is an older thread where many alternatives are discussed; you might search for it.


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I'm using on my ST1 Ortlieb bags: Back-Roller City (QL 1 fixing system) and Downtown Black 'n White (QL 2.1 fixing system)
Sierratradingpost.com had quite a few rack time bags on sale right now. And there is always a coupon code for at least 25% off to be found at sites such as retailmenot.com. They also have some Ortleib panniers at very low prices.


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Previous owner installed these panniers from REI on my ST1, waterproof, roll up top so they hold a ton of stuff. I think they fit the city kit without mod (but not sure).


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Sorry people like I said I called all racktime distributors none of them can order any racktime bags. Also thanks for responding but I am not looking for any pannier bags