Rack on Fathom E+ 3 is it possible?


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I don't own a Fathom E+3 but from pictures available on the net, it appears the bike is not designed for a rear rack. A universal rack such as this one may be adaptable:


If what you want to carry is less than 25#, you could also use a seatpost only type rack:


This type has no standoffs to keep panniers from contacting the spokes though.

I suppose it depends on how much you like the Fathom. It is a sharp looking bike. Both these adaptable racks would probably work but they can make it difficult to remove or adjust the seat height.

Perhaps a Fathom owner here can provide more information.


I didn't notice any model of Fathom that includes a rack. Not even the Fathom E+ Pro. So it looks like no joy for a factory rear rack.


I have the 2020 FathomE+ 1 Pro. It does not have any attachment points for a rack. My LBS has ordered a Thule Tour Rack for me. Hopefully it arives next week.