Rack Suggestions (Rize RX)


I have two Rize RX bikes on preorder and I need to look at getting a 2" hitch carrier. Is there any suggestions on which to look at? What do you use and how do you like it?

I was looking at the 1up Super Duty but it has arms that hold the tire. How do you do that when you have fenders?

Bubba zanetti

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Trail, BC
If you go to various rack providers, you will see RV certified mentioned. My understanding is that a bike rack, mounted to the rear of a trailer or RV, is subject to greater motion, movement and forces. Over time, this can cause failure.
IMHO the rack capacity is the greatest measure, along with your intended use - rough road, highway speed etc. Bike rack failure, at speed could be a very nasty event. In the eyes of the law, you could be found negligent for pushing the manufacturer’s weight guidelines.
My Riz RX and wife’s Tern will come in at well over 100 lbs, even with battery removed. 200lb capacity sounds very good to me.