Rad City controller replacement


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After riding my new rad city bike like less than two blocks, the controller died. Rad Power bikes have been extremely cooperative helping me troubleshoot my problem and have sent me a new controller. Tony (tech support) told me to contact the four wires from the controller to the connectors going to the battery and motor. The big problem is there are three connectors and the fourth wire disappears into the frame and is inaccessible. Does anyone know how I can access the wire going into the frame to connect the new controller.


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I believe you're referring to the wire that connects to the control panel on the handlebars..

simple just turn your handlebars full right (at least on my rover) to induce slack in the wire harness. It should all pop out the hole. I'm going based on my Rover. The city may be different.

I did a video of how to do it on the rover. You'll need to fast forward to stuff that is related to your task.