Rad City questions

Solar Bozo

New Member
Hi Mike, hope you are well. I still haven't replaced my stolen Felt/Grin bike that you helped me configure. I've been tempted by your bikes, the RadWagon and now the RadCity. Great video, BTW.

Some questions.
1. Any way the RadCity will accept a triple front chain-ring and derailleur? Am in love with more gear choices.

2. When I was shopping way back before you started Rad Power Bikes, you convinced me that the geared hub motor was the way to go. Now it looks like you are in the direct-drive camp. What has changed? Would I notice the motor magnets grabbing when I am just coasting or when pedaling without power?

3. The video infers that the top speed can be adjusted via the display buttons. What is the actual top speed?

4. Are you going to start putting this same hubs and electronics in the RadWagon?