Rad City Water Bottle Holder?

Grant Brugger

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just bought a Rover and City for me and my wife. I bought a two pack water bottle holder off amazon. Littlr did I know, the City has an abnormal water bottle bolt pattern, its about 4in between the bolts....

I cant seem to find anything online about a longer water bottle holder.

Can anyone tell me if they figured out a solution for a water bottle holder for the Rad City?



Mr. Coffee

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This thing is designed to let you move your bottle cage bosses up or down your frame, but it looks to be about five inches long so you could probably use this as an adapter to let you attach a standard bottle cage.


If that wouldn't work, if you have access to a machine shop or have a friend who does you should be able to take a strip of anodized aluminum about 4-5mm thick and drill screw holes to match the cage bosses on your frame and then make cage bosses on that strip the standard distance apart (about 65mm).