Rad City Water Bottle Holder?

Grant Brugger

New Member
just bought a Rover and City for me and my wife. I bought a two pack water bottle holder off amazon. Littlr did I know, the City has an abnormal water bottle bolt pattern, its about 4in between the bolts....

I cant seem to find anything online about a longer water bottle holder.

Can anyone tell me if they figured out a solution for a water bottle holder for the Rad City?



Barkme Wolf

Active Member
Yup, they are all like that. My Radwagon is the same way. I don't think the "bolts" are for a water bottle. Maybe for a basket or something. You will have to figure out an alternative. I used zip ties for a while. Now I have some panniers with a mesh bottle pocket.


New Member
have the rad rover, the 'bottle cage" mounts near the front on both sides are slightly less than the standard width. again maybe a future rack mount, i did put two bottle cages up there just using the top bolts.