Rad Mini correct charger connections


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Just wondering when charging the Rad Mini do you plug the charger power cord into the 120V house plug first and then plug the charger into the battery for charging, or do you plug the charger into the battery first and then the power cord into the house 120v plug. Is there a particular order of connecting the power setup for charging, or does it make no difference in the order you do it.

Thomas Jaszewski

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On my lower end chargers I get a spark if I plug the charger into the battery before I plug into the wall socket. My habit is to plug into 120AC first.
According to the Battery Care webpage for Rad bikes, it says to plug into the battery first, then the ac outlet. That is how I have been charging my RadCity Step-thru. No sparks received yet.

- RangerDave



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After a few nasty surprises (big blue POW!!), I plug into the battery first as well. I agree with Thomas though. If you get one of those nasty surprises, try reversing your procedure.