Rad Mini - Rider Height ?


Any taller riders using the Mini 4? Any issues crouching over?

I'm looking at the Mini 4 as I wait for my return label on the RR6... that's really a great machine, but too much bike for my needs. I'm 5'12" or just shy of it (48 yrs old) with legs measuring about 31.5 based on Rad's book spine in the crotch method. This puts me on the edge of the 32" mark shown for the M4.

I sustained a pelvic injury in 2016, then surgery in 2021 that make pedaling painful. I'm very thin, light weight and lanky so crouching over too much could aggravate the injury. The M4 seems right for my campground and basic trail needs, but I noticed it's just on the line for my height.

Any 6'0"+ Mini 4 riders that find it comfortable? ...or at least not uncomfortable?

Thanks for any help or suggestions.



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According to the Rad site the Mini 4 rider height range is 5'2"-6'2". I wanted the Rad Mini ST which is 4'10"-5'10" and got that even though I'm 5'11". I rode it for about 300 miles with the seat post at max height and decided it would be better if the seat was just a little higher. Ordered a 450mm seat post from Amazon for about $22. (stock post is I think 350mm) . Set it about an inch higher (which still left plenty of extra to go higher if needed) and that made a world of difference. I should think the Mini 4 would be fine for you as is.