Rad "Mini" step thru is 68 lbs ?


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But the reality is, they're selling right? I don't know the exact sales figure but I have an impression they're fairly popular.


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How much weight is saved removing the battery, front tire, and seat? That's is what I figured some folks would do if lifting was an issue if they didn't have a platform rack.


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I don't have a radmini, but do own a 20" folding Ecoctric fatbike. It weighs in at 57 pounds currently. I did not expect the size and weight gain, compared to my wife's folding E-bike which has 20x1.25" tires, full suspension and is 20 pounds lighter.

Battery on mine is 7.4 pounds. Since the seat has to come off to remove battery, the total is 9.2 pounds. My front wheel was originally 8 pounds. I've switched it to 3" tires which saves 2 pounds per wheel. Otherwise it would be over 60 pounds.

This is not my go-to bike. It will be gifted to my son who needs a hefty bike.

Mr. Coffee

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You can have it inexpensive. You can have it light. You can have it durable.

Pick your two out of three.

A Bike Friday with electric assist pushes 50lbs and costs three times as much.


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Yup, its heavy - I've found its actually easier to lift and move around when its open (not folded) too. If I'm lifting it onto my car's bike rack its not that bad because you can get a good position on it.

If lifting into the back or trunk of a car (folded) its a bit harder and I will often remove the seat and battery (generally not the front wheel).

One thing I did not expect, the fold-down handlebars is a great space saver - I fold that down after every ride but do not fold the whole bike very often - kind of wish the bike did not fold (and was therefor lighter).


Wow, cool idea! nice pics.
I lift my RadRover into the back of my pickup with the tailgate down. I just remove the battery first. Then I just tie it off on both sides and off I go. I'm an out of shape 70-year-old too lol
That bucket idea is sweet! I could easily put 4 in the bed of my truck in a few minutes np.


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I have a 2019 Rad Mini Step Thru and this is the way I store and transport the bike in my Subaru Forester. I can lift it into the SUV with no problem.
What kind of storage tub are you using? I've been looking around and the biggest tubs that I've seen are only 18" wide and I wasn't sure if the Radmini would fit into one.


We just purchased two Rad Mini Step Thru's knowing the 68 lbs. was not to be a concern for me. I fold them and put then in the back of our new Ram 1500 without any trouble, I don't even remove the battery. I'm 74 YOA and weigh in at a cool 235 lbs. , now for some this maybe a problem, but after riding dual sport motorcycles for the last 50 years this ebike is light weight for me. I do realize that for some the weight is heavy and I fully understand that, but for others it is not. I can also say here that I have not ridden bicycles since I was a kid and bicycles are not part of my daily life style, we purchased these ebikes to take RVing with us and to extend our travel beyond the camping grounds and so far they are doing the job very will. So what works for one may not work for the other, I personally like the feel of the Rad Mini, so that's why we own two of them.


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The Rad Mini is heavy. But manageable. I have the non-step through, and it definitely took some getting used to, in terms or where to put your hands, etc before it started to feel comfortable. But I think I've got it now. Also - I initially didn't have the Velcro strap, which I think made it much harder to move when folderd. I'm hopeful it will be even easier now.
Here's a photo of it fitting in the back of my Subaru Impreza, no need to fold down the back seat! (ignore the suntan lotion, I do.)