Rad Rhino (Rover) Rear Rack


I am preparing a long trip in September (hopefully, really when I receive my Bolton Controller, it is still in back order after a month). While I have the stock rear rack from Rad (it was sold with the bike earlier this year for the same price, it has been removed since), I am finding conflicting information regarding the max load of the rack.

For the front rack, it is written on it : max 10 kg (around 22 pounds). But for the rear one, nothing is written and I have read various numbers from Rad documentation stating the max load is 18, 20 and before that 27 kg (from 39 to 59 pounds).

For safety reasons, I will take the lowest number into account which is 18. Therefore, I am looking for a sturdier rack for touring.

I have my eyes on the Blackburn Outpost Fat Bike and the Tubus Fat Rack. Both seems fine and are rated at a max weight of 30 kg (66 pounds) but I was wondering if anyone has installed one of those of their bike to get a feedback.