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The Rad people had no answer for me and I have perused the titles here for assistance, but could not find anything related to my question.
My question is, what is the recommended protection for the matte/flat paint of my Rad Rover fenders, wheels and frame... apparently no wax is allowed on matte finishes.
Thank you in advance of any information on this subject.


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You can use the same products made for automotive matte finishes, such as this Chemical Guys Meticulous Matte Detailer and Spray Sealant.
Thanks, Nova Haibike. I have found Meguiar's products that do a similar job to the Chemical Guys products BUT up here in the sticks of Canada, these products are not available. I'm considering ordering the Meguiar's 3 step products from the UK as I am not familiar with any of the Chemical Guys products.


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I suggest autogeek.net for products and advice.
Thanks, Sanders... the auto geek's meguiar's products shown do not include "Meguiar's Mirror Bright Detailing Spray", as least I did not see it and it seems that everywhere I've looked this 'mirror bright' stuff is on back order.


Do a search on that site for "matte finish".
Your looking for a sealant. There are many and once properly cleaned, your bike is ready for the sealant. A good product, properly applied, should make it possible to remove grit and debris with a simple quiet hose down. After drying a detailer can be used to "refresh" surface. Detailers were primarily created for use in auto shows. With correct microfibre towel, a spritz of detailer will remove dust and leave a nice finish if there was a nice finish to begin with. I, and many others use a detailer when claying a surface pre polish, sealant, etc. My choice for years has been Speed Shine by Griot's. We have 2 bikes, one matte, one shiny. I'll be trying a matte product soon and will be curious about what you come up with and results.
Good luck. Have fun.

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Your looking for a sealant.

A sealant is merely a different type of protection layer (the other two being wax or coatings). Whichever type it is, it needs to be formulated specifically for matte finishes, because most products are designed to fill in micro-scratches to make the surface reflect. i.e. make the surface shine.


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What he said.
Thanks, Nova Haibike and Sanders... I finally tracked down a place that wasn't out of stock or else could not send internationally... A place called 'Royal Distributing' is sending a 'Chemical Guys Meticulous Matte Detailer and Sealant'... hopefully this will do the job. (Autogeek.net was out of stock). I really appreciate you guys... Thanks again.