Rad Rover 5 Rear Rack


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Hey folks,

I was wondering if the Rad Rover 5 rear rack is meant to be used with any brand of panniers, or if it is only compatible with the panniers on the rad-rover website.

I have a Topeak rear rack on my other (non-ebike) bike, and ideally I'd like to get a rear-rack from Topeak for the Rad Rover. That way, I can use my accessories on the two bikes. However, I have noticed that some rear racks that would fit a Rad Rover do not have anything that the bottom of the panniers could hook to, and I don't like the idea of the panniers just dangling there.


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if i recall correctly, that stock rack option uses 16mm tubes which are relatively rare. You can get a few brands that make the larger locks like Ortlieb and here in Canada MEC makes a few that expand to 16mm.

Alternately, if you have a pannier you absolutely love, you can buy 16mm locking hook kits on amazon for pretty cheap and just have them riveted or sewn on.


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This hack has been posted here many times but the idea may be of help in your case. A hack saw, screw driver and pliers along with about $10 in parts available at any home store are all that is required. It may be possible to use this idea to make an adapter for the Rad 5 rack which will allow the use of Topeak accessories.

In my case, I have a collection of Bontrager bags & accessories which I use on my Trek MTB's. In order to use them on my Pedego Platinum interceptor rack, I made this adapter:
I cut the top off an old Bontrager rack and attached it to the Pedego rack using insulated cable clamps.

09592_A_1_BackRack_Deluxe_La.jpg P1070096a.jpg P1070100a.jpg P1070101a.jpg

It's a lot stronger than it looks and I actually use it to lift the bike up onto a bike rack.

If the tubing on the Rad rack is too large for Topeak (or any other brand) pannier clamps, A similar adapter can be made using 1/2" aluminum tubing. It can be attached to the Rad rack using the same cable clamps.
P1070445a.jpg P1070447a.jpg P1070449a.jpg P1070456a.jpg P1070457b.jpg

I'm not familiar with the Rad 5 rack but it may be possible to make a lower attachment point for the panniers. Another piece of tubing could be attached to the seat stays and / or the rack upright supports using the same cable clamps.