RAD Rover Quick Release


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Mine is due in mid May as well and I did asked the Quick Release question to RAD's customer service and they verified that the 2016 model comes with the Quick Release Skewer.

I also asked if the bike could be tuned to allow for California's new 28MPH, increassed speed regulation (as opposed to 20 MPH) and they stated that because the RadRover also has a throttel, it is not just a Pedal Assist and that the speed will still be capped at 20 MPH.

Here are other 2016 model upgrades they told me have been implemented, including answers to a few of my questions regarding firmware upgrades:

Thanks for writing! I'm happy to answer these questions.

1. No, the firmware is not upgradable.

2. Any changes to the programming of the power controller will void the warranty.

3. The law in California specifies speed pedelecs. Since the RadRover has a throttle as well as pedal assist, it is still legally limited to 20 MPH.

4. 2016 RadRovers have been completely redesigned! Here is a list of new parts:
Redesigned Aluminum Alloy Frame
Top Gun Fork
Prowheel crankset
Shimano Acera derailleur
Custom wiring harness
Internal routing of all cables
Derailleur bash guard
180mm front and rear Tektro mechanical disk brakes
Bafang G06.750.DC brushless hub motor
Waterproof/Shockproof 12 FET power controller


Thanks Kam,

Sounds great! RPB needs to update their website to reflect these new upgrades.

After watching a few videos.. I'm a little concerned about UPS shipping. Shipping is always a roll of the dice.

I might asked if FedEx is an option (at extra cost of course). I've had better luck with FedEx on big items.

Thanks again for the replay. Hope you enjoy your new bike, I am looking forward to getting mine.


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Hi Everyone,

The Bike in the video from the original post above is a 2016 RadRover. If you purchased your bike in 2016 online, then it will be the same as the bike in the quick release video.