Rad Rover Tricks and Big Fails Video! A Must See.


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These guys are crazy and having a great day with some Rad Rovers! I didn't think the RR could make jumps like this. 63 pounds flying high into the sky! Some pretty narley crashes too. Looks like the Rover holds up well to some hard impacts.



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Thanks for the video!

Nice to know the Radrover can take some abuse. I figured they would have some broken rear spokes or the battery rail might break loose.

Most I've done is trail riding and jumped off a few curbs. I've learned to lock the battery because it came disconnected once over some big bumps when trail riding (you can see the battery fall out on one of the jumps in the vid).


Those guys crash better than I did a couple days ago. :D


dm nelson

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Those guys crash better than I did a couple days ago. :D

Insane! Video confirmation why this might not be such a good idea, imho. Hope your wounds gently heal, woodsusa. My partner was going down a hill trail when the back wheel lost traction on loose rocks. Her bruises are almost healed a month later after she fell with the bike landing on top of her. I'm doing my best to keep both wheels of this 60+ pound radrover planted on the ground :)


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@woodusa Wow. Looks rough dude. At least you can tell the ladies you can't talk about fight club lol. Women love mystery. :)