Radcity direct drive


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I own a Juiced CrossCurrent Air and initially my brakes came with Shimano M375 mechanical brakes.

I later upgraded to Tektro E715 hydraulic brakes. There's no way I can recommend mechanical brakes to anyone. I use my bike as a daily commute and I had to adjust it like once every 2 weeks.

The mechanical brakes work great only when they're brand new, or right after the adjustment.
If I were to get a Rad City (or any bike with mechanical brakes for that matter) I would upgrade the brakes as soon as possible.
Just to supply a counterpoint, The Rad City I've been riding the last couple of seasons now, the one with 1200 miles or so on it, have been adjusted one time since new and work just fine hauling my 300+lb butt down to safe limits on some pretty big hills. They work just fine, leaving me confident I can stop safely any time I want to.


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Can anybody put some light on the noise sitution with direct drive hubs?

I have a geared das-kit hub: the drone at steady speeds is annoying; at 25kph, people can hear me coming 15 meters away.


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You gotta change the gears from "straight cut" or "helical cut". Most of the noise (wining) comes from the gears inside a gear driven motor. BTW you can't really change them.


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I have a Radcity and like the direct drive because when you use the brakes it charges the battery. Have the front brake set up lose so the switch starts charging the battery before the brake start working. The geared motor could be better if you have big hills but doesn't charge the battery. I wouldn't get a mid drive because of the chain up keep. There is one make that uses a gates belt drive that looks good but the coast is to high for me. The mechanical brakes work fine. Had them on my motor cycles and worked fine. Now the fast I every had one was to about 160mph. When you start talking about making anything go faster it is how much money you have. I am 72 so speed just gets me a ticket.


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I wish my ebike dealer was as knowledgeable as Mike. I know more about lithium ion cells than my dealer and more about brushless motors as well. I didn't want to buy a bike and have no dealer support though but I was tempted to buy online to save some money. Too many components with the potential to fail for me to be comfortable buying online as well as the fair chance the bike would arrive damaged.
Picked up the Radcity and it is a nice ride. Has pretty good pep too especially when cranking the throttle. Might bump up the speed to 25 mph in the settings and see how that goes.


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I've always been puzzled as to why Rad markets the City as an urban commuter (even the name implies this). I use my City to commute in a city. Here, like in most cities, I have almost no hills to negotiate. As such, the regenerative braking is useless to me. I now realize I'd much rather have a geared motor with more torque (to get out of the way of the cars that continually try to run me over.) Live and learn.....