Radmini 3rd party rear rack and fenders


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I was able to find a rear rack that accommodates the 20x4 tire size and has similar mounting brackets. It cost me $60 along with $18 for installation at my local bike store. The advantage of this rack over the original is that the tubes themselves are not as wide, so you can actually use standard bags/panniers on your rack without relying on velcro or zipties. Another nice thing is that the bags can be placed further back so you are less likely to hit your foot on a bag/pannier.

I also found front and rear fenders that could be cut and molded to fit the Radmini. I bought the front and rear for about $44 total. I think the fenders look a bit funky but $44 is much cheaper than the ~$150 for the fenders Rad Power Bikes sell, and I'll take funky over an empty wallet.

If you know any cheaper 3rd party rear rack/fender solutions for the Radmini, please post here, this is the best I've found so far.

Doug Edwards

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When I looked for a rear bag that met my needs, it was difficult to find one that did fit the rear rack. The tubes of the rack were of a larger diameter than normal, and most bags did not fit. So replacing the rear rack would open up a lot more bags that could be used.


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I tried fenders like that, and found they were basically useless, and a waste of money. I've never had any luck with cheap, or "make due" fenders, poor protection, noisy, always moving out of adjustment, just not worth the headache.
I know all about tight budgets, but sometimes the best value isn't the cheapest.


Does anyone have or know if a Racktime rear rack will fit a Rad Mini 2020? I see this as a great advantage because Racktime has so many bag and basket accessories that can be interchanged without having to unbolt them from the rack as with Rad accessories.