RadMini Folded Size


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I've seen/ridden a RadMini but I've lost the folded measurements I took. The 37"x30"x23" measurements given on the website seem larger than I remember. Could someone put a tape to their FOLDED mini? Would it's folded size be smaller without the front rack? Thanks


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Oh see you've got your mini already! I was going to share pics but looks like you're all set. Will post for the sake of others searching for dimensions through the forum :)

Sorry the first one is blurry for vertical, was in a rush and camera was having a hard time focusing but that would be 2ft 4 in roughly when the rack is not fully extended like mine is currently.

These measurements were for when it is resting on the ground in folded position:

Height = about 2ft 4in
Length = about 3ft 4.5in
Width (pedals folded in) = about 2ft



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Thanks GBN. Appreciate the effort. Because I needed to fit the Mini into an existing space in my van the solution for me was to remove the front wheel (easy) and only fold the handlebars. With the battery out (and wheel removed) the weight is very manageable and it's pretty easy to stow/remove and setup. Think the Mini will work great when I don't want to drive the van.
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