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I'm planning on getting a Rad Power Radwagon. I have a bike stereo that I've built that would be cool to integrate into the bike. Wondering if anyone has powered additional devices using the battery? I know the Display Panel has a few USB outlets, but I'd would be look for a 12-24v output. Any ideas?


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Splicing into the controller supply wire harness would probably void your warrenty. Better to buy a separate battery & charger for the radio.
There are 48 v to 24 v converters on e-bay. Also 48 v to 12 v converters. Figure out how much current you need, the 50 ma variety won't work. USB outlets are 5 v, and the pins would probably melt if you tried to pull 100 W out of it for a converter to 12 v. I've got a US made vicor for my shift actuator, probably will last longer than low price import supplies. Be sure to buy one with a heat sink or a separate heat sink and thermal compound, they burn up otherwise. Those little metric screws can come from mcmaster.com
Enjoy your spoke maintenance, not to mention retightening your pedals periodically, and or replacing the crank if it strips. Read the rad brand problems list. Reads like the problems I had on my $200 MTB (Pacific Quantum). Max life 2 years on the pedal threads. Whereas on the yubabike left, I haven't done any of that in 2 years and 5000 miles. Other brands in the stretch cargo space, xtracycle swoop, pedego stretch, kona electric ute, blix (24" wheels). Reiss & muller & Surly are high end. Tern GSD with 20" wheels which I seriously do not recommend.
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