RadPower vs VoltBike???


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Hello guys.

Im new down here and Im also new to the world of ebikes...so Im a little lost.

I know Rize but they seems to have many issues with the customer service ans batteries.

What do you think about Rad Power and Voltbike? I know Voltbike Yukon 750 limited seems to be rated very good and RadPower as well. For the Yukon anyone know if in Canada is a true 750w or limited to 500w?

Most important thing for me is the battery, the range, fiability and spares parts availability ( I live in Canada). My budget is around 2000$ CA (+- 200$). which is around 1700$ USD if you are from US.

Any other brand is welcome.

Thanks for your help and share your experience if you have...positive or negative i don't care as I need to know.


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All I can tell you is that I have two Rad bikes: A Rover ST but not the newer version and a Mini ST. I like both bikes and have not had any real problems with either one.