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Hello guys.
Im new down here and Im also new to the world of Im a little lost.

I know the brand Rize but they seems to have many issues with the customer service ans batteries.
What do you think about Rad Power and Voltbike? I know Voltbike Yukon 750 limited seems to be rated very good and RadPower as well. For the Yukon anyone know if in Canada is a true 750w or limited to 500w?
Most important thing for me is the battery, the range, fiability and spares parts availability ( I live in Canada). My budget is around 2000$ CA (+- 200$). which is around 1700$ USD if you are from US.
Any other brand is welcome.
Thanks for your help and share your experience if you have...positive or negative i don't care as I need to know.


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You don't mention who you plan on getting their hands dirty when this new bike needs to be assembled and checked out, or when service becomes necessary? This can be a BIG deal! If YOU plan on doing the work, you can select from about any bike available - with 100's of choices in this class. On the other hand, if you plan on having a (local?) shop do the work for you, you should be aware that MANY (most?) local shops won't touch anything they didn't sell. That's a fact that's caught a lot of unwary folks by surprise. Clearly, if the plan is to have a shop doing your work, you may want to inquire about their policy. You may be restricted to bikes sold only there - limiting your selection big time....


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If you are handy, you should check out Ride1Up. I have the 700 XR and use it for commuting to, and from, work. It’s been solid. Recently, they refreshed the bike and now use 21700 cells. Better range than previous 18650 cells that are in my earlier version. At about $1600 US, it was a good choice for me. For comparison, I’m 6’ tall and 150lbs. The bike fits me quite nice. The bike comes 85% assembled. Took me a few hours to assemble the bike properly.

Aventon is also a nice option. Their bikes are a couple hundred USD more than Ride1Up, but they were on my short list when considering an ebike.