RadRover Battery Pin and Female Port Erosion


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Good afternoon all -

My 2019 RadRover (3,000 km) was going great until my poor maintenance through a winter with lots of salt seems to have killed one of the pins and the matching female ports on the bike. I got in touch with RadRover and their suggestion was to replace the tray and battery however was hoping for a less expensive alternative. The pictures show both the 'gold' cap on the battery and 'gold' pin have seriously eroded.

The screen goes on for an instant and then goes off - no error code. Battery and bike were working great until one day I was riding and it felt like a magnet let go and a weight dropped on the bottom of the bike.

Any suggestions? Thanks all.


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The female pin could probably be cleaned with a dremel rotary tool and very small grinder wheel be very gentle.

The male is in worse shape but u might be able to clean it up some and get it back to the same shape on one side at least.

Be careful though, bit of a fire risk there not good with lithium batterries.
I would try rolling up some fine grit sandpaper (maybe 150-180 grit) maybe 2”-3” long. Roll it up tight with the grit exposed to the size of the female socket. Insert and rotate to clean the inside contact area. Use a vacuum to suck out any fine debris or perhaps insert a Q-tip to wipe the inside area clean.

Roll a second piece of paper with the grit on the inside the size of the male plug. Insert the plug into the roll and twist to clean the male contact. Wipe the contact with another Q-tip.

Good luck! - RangerDave

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Erosion or corrosion... In addition to the advice so far, a tiny dab of dielectric grease is a good idea. It may be all you need. Put on some grease and mount the battery, take it off, repeat a few times. As for abrasives, be careful. I don't think I'd use anything tougher than a stiff toothbrush, using dielectic grease as toothpaste.