Radrover Controller & Display Upgrade Kit

Errol A Gettner

New Member
Finally installed that 52V 17.5ah AliExpress battery onto the radrover. Holly hell does this thing fly now. The battery upgrade yielded a slight bump in torque and a faster top speed. It's easy to get up to 50 km an hour on flats cruising pedaling with PAS3/4.
@thatdude902 were you able to mount the battery using 3 mounting screws, I could only line it up and get the bottom two screws only. A little worried that this heavier battery is less secure on the frame, not sure what I can do to resolve this.
Hi, after the 52v battery install, did you change the setting for C12? Battery cutoff voltage, for 48v the setting is 4, did you change this to 5 or 6?