Radrover dolphin battery question


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I have a first edition 2016 Radrover. I always ride in pas 2, I weight 210 and only get about 20 miles/charge. Most of the time the watt meter shows 0. When going up any hill the watts go up to 745. The on battery meter always shows 3 green and one red bar. This never changes. The controller display will show 5 bars or 1 bar but the on battery meter always shows 3 green, 1 red. This has been this way since I got the Radrover. I usually rode 10 miles or less so it never showed as an issue until I started riding longer distances. Anyone else have this issue or do I have a battery problem. Also to use the on board battery meter the power button must be on. Any input would be greatly appreciated.


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definitely think something is wrong unless you have major hills where you are?

i get a lot more than that miles wise

would contact rad power and let them help you figure out how to diagnose/eliminate problems

i did have an issue where the shop that assembled the radmini for me either did not check the brakes or had them crazy tight and it was only getting about 20 miles a battery
rad told me to check the brakes and once those were fixed it now gets as many miles as the rover