Radrover my RadROLLER!


How well does it climb up hills?

It depends on what you expect, I would say. Compared to my cheap 250W EcoRide it's like having wings with the RR up those hills I really got sweaty from with that bike. But if you expect to use just the throttle up the steepest ones, you will be disappointed. For me, it really feels like cheating now. Exercise? Weeell....! :p


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here's some pics of the damage from the drop. still at the shop.





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well i'm back on the bike. new grips, new shifter. didn't replace the brake levers. a bit bruised but they work well enough.
gotta say the battery life on this bike is freakin great. went for a forty minute ride and the battery is still reading full.

on the downside the kickstand just imploded while at the bike shop. it just started leaning over until the guy caught it. :)

looking for a new one


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didn't recharge the battery after the last ride. rode another 13 miles just over one hour and the battery is at 3 bars still.
when will this thing die! :)


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Great running review! Glad your bike is back in action. Has anyone had a chance to ride this bike in the snow or know if it is even recommended?


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some details of the recent fixes




the grips and shifter installed by the guys at SanFrancyclo. (i have no affiliation/ just a satisfied customer)
aaaaaandddd... the spanky new and improved kickstand was sent to me by the RadRover guys to replace the original.

wow! just what i wanted. looks and works great! they are surely standing by their product! very happy:)


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The BM Works handlebar extender can't fit in the lcd?

I just installed my BM Works extender on both the wife and mine 2016 RadRover. It fit perfectly dead center with connection point underneath the RR LCD display. I doesn't move at all during road/trail rides; but, I can adjust up/down by hand if needed.

I attached a Vibrelli iPhone holder from my iPhone 6S Plus+Mophie case in the middle of the BM, FOME quick release bike mount for Alldaymall F-869 super bright 3800 lm cree LED flashlight on left side (also use Two Fish lockblocks flashlight holder on RR handlebar to steady the 3X18650 battery extra long LED flashlight), and the TianNorth 9T6 cree bike headlamp on the right side.

So far, the set-up has worked very well for road and trail alike. I use the TianNorth light for my 5:30am 8 mile work commute and attached the extra 3800lm flashlight for just for fun trail riding at night.

(Link Removed - No Longer Exists)