Radrover or Radcity?

I considering my first ebike and am very intrigued with fat tire bikes (really like the looks of the Radrover). I have a Specialized hybrid bike that I ride mostly on concrete, but once a year I go on a 3 day crushed rock ride. I want to start riding more dirt/crushed rock trails and at age 64 and 265 lbs will need some help uphill. However, I'll still probably still ride primarily on the streets. I have some neck and shoulder issues and am wondering if I would be better off with the Radcity. Does anyone ride the Radcity on dirt or crushed rock trails?

Trail Cruiser

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For your size and weight, the geared hub motor of the Rad Rover provides better pick up and better climbing ability. The bigger tires also provides better cushion on gravel and rock trails.

If you are concerned about riding position. Any local bike shop can modify the bike with one of many tricks (or combining them) such as using:
1. Stem riser
2. shorter stem
3. More relaxed, swept handle bar.