RadRunner- Front light alternatives


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Although I love the bike, I found the front light to be disappointing. Very narrow beam and not bright enough to illuminate the road ahead. Has anyone upgraded and what would you recommend? I was looking at Busch + Müller but have no idea if the connectors etc are compatible out of the box.


This headlight has very good reviews, it is sold as an upgrade on Lil Snoozy ebikes on there website. I found in on ebay here, but this is an overseas order, i'd look elsewhere if really interested. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Spanninga-Axendo-60-Xdas-standlight-automatic-DRL-dynamo-bike-head-lamp/283498566248?epid=13026190504&hash=item4201d4d268:g:o1wAAOSwhspb9NuH
Contact rad, the light that you show looks like the one that comes on the mini and the rover, they should be able to hook you up with one


I just checked our two rad Mini's Step Thur's and you are correct, they have the same light. Rad should be able to fix you up with this light, we are very happy with the Rad Mini's light output.


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My Rover has one that matches that link. I'm up in Canada and the light output is quite good. Can see far enough ahead not to run into anything even at acceptable speeds. It's already getting dark up here by 4PM, so it gets a fair bit of use.