radrunner, radmini step thru or ????


my budget is 1500. that being the case, with certain of my needs, it's either going to be the radrunner or the radmini step thru or something i'm not aware of *yet*. any thoughts or suggestions would be most welcome.

step-thru design, due to age and disabilities. rr, rm, tie.
softest ride possible: advantage mini, due to front suspension and fatter tires
foldability, nice but not required: advantage, mini, but due to heavy weight, probably a plus more in theory than in fact.
lighter weight: advantage RR, but only by a few measly pounds.
racks: advantage RR, for the built-in rear rack.

this would be a shared bike . me: 6'. girlfriend: 5-2.
advantage, mini. but numerous folks have said that the radrunner, eventho specs say 5-10 is tops, works just fine with six footers. anyone care to comment?

neither of us will be doing a lot of pedaling, so the fact that the RR has one gear and the RM 7 might make this a tie.

neither bike comes with fenders, which is a bummer, but the RM's are a few bucks cheaper than the RR's.

btw/ i assume that if you put racks and baskets on the step thru, the folding aspect becomes a non-starter. true?

hmmm. guess that's about it.

what say yall?

oh, yeah, the differences in display is nothing i care about.



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Now that it has been available for awhile, it is fairly easy to understand how the RADRunner was a well thought out plan for the RAD Power Bikes company that would help spread their influence into every city and town across this country. The bike is of pure basic e-bike design constructed with a minimum of components and is best suited as a utility delivery vehicle more than it is intended for recreational use. However, seeing a fleet of RADRunners parked outside a bicycle rental place at a popular vacation spot is not beyond the scope of this e-bike. Even the green color of the bike says it is utilitarian by its very nature, and with the add-on components specifically designed for it, the bike is an excellent local delivery vehicle for smaller items. RAD Power Bikes made a huge contribution to the delivery industry with the introduction of its economical RADBurro, virtually a low cost delivery truck that runs under electro-pedal power. It was specifically intended for companies that make local deliveries and to do so at minimal cost and operating expense. It then becomes obvious that the RADRunner is a continuation of this stratagem by providing the basic powered bike built of proprietary components and intended for close range small item deliveries. Essentially in that role it becomes a Mini-RADBurro.
In contrast to the other mini bikes in the RPB lineup, this one doesn't fold up for compact storage. Nor does it have common deluxe features like front fork shock absorbers and a full LED readout screen. It only has one gear, but is powered by a 750 watt geared hub electric motor.
A pizza palace with a fleet of electric golf carts for deliveries can now save a bundle by replacing them with RADRunners instead.
As a returning RAD customer I would automatically be given a $100 discount and the price would drop to $1200. However, that $300 difference between the RADRunner and the rest of the 2-wheel lineup would be spent on accessories that make it the equal of say, the RADCity as it is shipped. The RADMinis don't have fenders and the ST isn't shipped with a rear rack, despite being equipped with front fork shocks, and the convenience of folding it up for transport. Otherwise somewhat similar, I would still choose the RADMini over the RADRunner for those reasons. Also since I don't earn a living using a bike, an e-bike is not even a necessity for my transportation back and forth to work. So the lower price is not a savings to me nor can it be considered as a necessity over what the e-bike I already own provides in recreation. All of them provide a great way to get some exercise at minimal cost, so I can truly appreciate that what I have already is working just fine for me. For new customers however, the RADRunner may be the perfect solution. Good luck with your selection.


thanks for your reply. a question. how do you get the returning-customer discount? i previously bought a radwagon that i had to sell due to new physical limitations.