Radwagon 4 best value bike for short distance + hills with kids?


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Thanks to all for the input. I've decided to go with the Blix Packa because it has hydraulic brakes. Got close to going for the Eunorau G20 but decided against that one given lack of hydraulic brakes and the low kick-stand that can hit sidewalks. This video helped me make the decision which also flags issue fitting two child seats on the back of the G20. Could anyone recommend a great child seat (will use two of them) to use with the Packa? :)
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The EBR review here says the Packa has two Thule Yepp EasyFit Windows on the rack. The Yepp Maxi tech specs say they have an upper weight limit of a 40lb child so you might be looking to fit one Yepp seat, the optional VIP Section bars, running boards, and one rear rack cushion for your 5 year old - but I recommend calling Blix on 855-655-2549 to confirm what would work for your 3 & 5 year old before you buy.
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