RadWagon, cargo bags, & kids


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Hi folks -

We're strongly considering a RadWagon 4 for shuttling our twin boys (4) back and forth across Brooklyn to school. One feature I've noticed on the Tern GSD is that the cargo bags can be used with the kids on board. (a big deal for our use cases). Can't seem to find info on the RadWagon site (or elsewhere) if that's achievable with Rad's cargo bags. (Tern's approach is that the bags need to be open in 'bucket mode' for the kids' legs to have a place to go)

Wondering if:
- anyone can speak to this possibility for the Rad bags?
- any thoughts on whether the Tern bags would fit on a RadWagon?
- Other solutions?




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Tern GSD will let you carry cargo while kids on board?
Wouldn't it interfere with each other?