Radwagon rear spoke tension adjustment

captain wavy

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after endless hours of research into the very complex world of spokes & wheels for bicycles ive finally made a upgrade purchase for my radwagon spoke issues , mind you im 300 lbs & a little to rough at times but i kept up on my spoke tensions never truly knowing measured tension , as i motorcycle rider / racer guy i tiddled a lot with spokes over the years , here is an affordable option for the wagon - links ! the sapim polyax round head nipples will allow for better deflection angle of spokes on the rear wheel due to the large diameter of the motor, dimpled rims would be another option , my new go to spoke guy is rob at sunnyspokes.com very helpful & quick ! i personally would not mind paying extra for a proper dimpled rim ! https://www.sapim.be/homepage----https://www.sapim.be/nipples/design/polyax----https://sunnyspokes.com/
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So what happened with your upgrade, captain wavy?

By the way, you ran all three of your URLs together into one link, which therefor takes you nowhere. To save others the effort of figuring out what you were trying to say, I cut & pasted each of the three links out of this, and ... none of them seem to be specific to the radwagon wheel, they are just generic links, none to specific products to purchase, in fact two are to company home pages. what am I missing?