Radwagon tail light removal


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Since the tail light of the Radwagon runs on it's own batteries, eventually you'll need to replace them.

I've put about 1030 miles in the last 4 months and my light was starting to get dim so it was time for new batteries.

There is a square latch at the bottom of the light in the center. You pull the latch down and out. This will pop off the red case and allow you to change the battery. The unit takes 2 AA batteries.
Radwagon Taillight Front.png Radwagon Taillight Back.png
To put it back, I line the top up and push down snapping the cover back on.

Barkme Wolf

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EFFING Thank You! I rode the heck out of my RW too. Put it away for the winter but nearly 3,000 in 6 months.