Raising Handlebars on Vado & Vado SL with stem mounted light

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Even though we have other threads. I am making this one with the idea it will save future Vado Owners time researching and $$$$$$. All of this is DIY. It's really simple . SO nobody is offended I'm not saying other posts didn't already explain this . I actually used most of what Stephan Mikes suggested in the first place . The problem I had was there is more then one thread spanning over more then a year. With everyone adding their 2 cents . Along with some derailment.

The hardest thing if you add an extension is lining it back up and getting the steering Tube and the headset seated to the right torque . Which is just 6NM. Everything on the handlebars except the activation buttons are 6NM of torque . However the only place you really need to not over tighten is the Steering tube . Lots of LBS Mechs overtighten the steering tube bolting it down in the star nut. Because it seems like you should . 6NM of torque is far less then most of us could do just by hand . So proceed carefully . I am posting this so that anyone desiring to do this might benefit from my personal experience . To save you time and maybe money .

I purchased 4 different Steering Tube extensions and 3 different sets of 50MM Rise Handle Bars . Also SQLAB 30X- 16 back sweeps . IMO all Steering extensions (Some call these stem risers . which they are not .) are not equal (Although most are identical)
I purchased everything thru Amazon with free returns . The steering Tube Extensions were so similar I honestly am of the belief they are all made by the same place with different logos stamped on them. Whether they cost $10.00 or $35.00 . With some of them I returned I'm not 100% sure I always used the right boxes . Except for the Delta I have pictured below : This thing exceeds the quality of the others without exception: This Delta is Solid . I believe a Few MTB Riders use it . It's quality kit . NOTE: There is a Brand called Dimension . It's the Delta only twice the cost/ The Delta Extension is $22.66 delivered in 2 days off Amazon) The Specialized stem is $65.00 , Find a dealer who stocks them. I found mine for $38.00. If your light is attached to the Fender you don't need to worry about another stem. Unless your light keeps falling off like I have seen in Videos :)

The Riser handlebars did accomplish raising my riding position . But IMO they just look Stupid . They remind me of Tricycle handlebars . Using the extension is definitely the better option for me. And probably for most people . Plus it's safe . If it was even the slightest bit not safe . Do you honestly think with how sue happy people are . They would dare put this product on the market ? Besides When the Bulls EVO first came out it was outfitted from the factory with a Tube extension and an adjustable stem. A bike that was technically a dressed up EMTB. An Enduro of sorts . Factory fitted with an extension . They must have known it was plenty safe.

If you have a weak heart or worry about the what if's in life . But you still want to sit more upright . Go with the Riser handlebars . ;)

For those who have a Vado with the stem mounted light . This riser works because of how it bolts to tube . The Bolt is on the inside about 2/3's of the way down. So it works with the Newer Stem on the Vados. I didn't really care for what it looked like mounted . So I ordered a different Specialized Vado Stem that supported mounting the light . Also pictured below . Sorry for the sizes .
Note: The Delta Stem doesn't have numbers on it as pictured . Using This Different Vado Stem along with the Delta extension . I raised my bars 3 1/2" without a single issue whether cables were long enough . There's plenty of room this way . Plus with the alternative Specialized Stem I can raise or lower my bars without re doing the steering tube alignment every time . Fast and easy . All shipped for under $100. Which is about the same cost of a nice set of riser handlebars . A Company called Deity makes a nice not to flashy handlebar in both 50 mm and 80 mm Rise for $85.00 So money wise both options are about the same cost .

Here's a picture of the Vado riser on the delta extension that comes with most newer Vados . There's no way to adjust your height with this setup. Plus I didn't like how it looks (No offense if you do) If someone wants to see my final result let me know .

Here's an example of Deity Riser Bars. I think these pictured are 50 MM. Some may like this way . It does suit the purposes . Plus it requires less work on your part . I didn't care for this . Plus the bars are wider . To some degree that means you are leaning forward . Slightly defeating what you wanted in the first place . There's also a Jones Bar some like . Which is more back sweep vs Raised

I used what I have pictured below this sentence . Again Sorry for the size of the Specialized Stem . I couldn't get it smaller Here's a picture that is an example of what the steering tube extension accomplishes. I think that's either Stephan or His Cousin Maybe . If I remember correctly Stephan said the Bike was to small for the person pictured . Look how upright he still is



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