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Hi guys, an individual recently contacted me with some questions around the SR Suntour ebike hub motor and I passed them along to the Raleigh Electric team who were very responsive. I thought that others might have a similar question and just wanted to share the answer here and compliment them on how responsive and supportive they were! Here's the original question:

"Hi wonderful EBR team. I saw you posted a review of the MY 2020 Raleigh Misceo iE. I did not see it mentioned but there's a thread on the UK pedelecs forum in which the SR Suntour ATS hub motor system gets slated for quality issues on Halford's Carrera brand budget ebikes. Can anyone at Suntour or Accell NA comment if the problems have been identified and fixed for the MY 2019/20 US Raleigh & IZIP ebikes using this motor? I am concerned otherwise these may quickly start showing up at Raleigh/IZIP dealers with the known problem of the power cutting out which might have been due to faulty battery/controller/display contacts or might have been a faulty/over sensitive BMS issue."

And here's the reply from folks at SR Suntour, Raleigh Electric, and the Accell Group. Big shout out and thanks to Rob Kaplan and Darren Salsbury in particular.

"Hi Court, Hope all’s well over at EBR. Rob asked me to comment on the SR Suntour ATS rear motor system and some concerns about a UK thread. Back in 2015 some of the initial shipments had some motor noise issues that were solved mostly with bikes in the warehouse. Maybe a few made it into the market. Other than that, my colleagues who manage the UK service side for us report that Halford's has been quite happy with the system and actually increased their order quantity this year by 4x. I can report that on the USA side our experience is that the system is reliable and robust. Most all of the issues we’ve had reported are on the initial bike build and it’s an easy to fix due to the modular design of the system. Once the bikes are sold and in the field, we hardly ever hear back from them. There were some complaints on the ease of use of the charger plug on the Misceo models. We have made an adapter that has more robust pins and is easier for the end consumer to use. These are free of charge if people would like to get a free upgrade. They can contact the phone number or email below. SR Suntour Service (USA / Canada) 608-229-6610 service@usulcorp.com"

I've attached images below that were sent by Darren :)


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