Raleigh Redux *Non-Electric* Thread


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Since I am already a poster at EBR and this is the only dedicated Raleigh forum I could find on the internet...

Anyone here own a non-electric Redux as well?

Bought one on the spec and parts, and pretty satisfied so far. Have to fix some issues but really think this style of bike should replace all the hybrids as the do it all city bike. 1x gearing, hydraulic disc brakes, flat bar and wide tires.

Just ordered some tires to run tubeless.

Main downsides: wish there had been a Redux 3 with better parts - eg a carbon fork, Deore drivetrain, through axles. The handlebars are way too wide for an urban bike but it seems like everyone does this. Tubeless from day 1 would also be nice.


Anyone here own a non-electric Redux as well?
I picked up a Redux 26 for my 10 year old, which I converted to an Alfine 8 hub and outfitted with shorter cranks. I was impressed enough with the value proposition that I picked up a used Raleigh Misceo iE for myself that I'm mostly happy with.

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