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I bought my first ebike this spring, a Raleigh Sprite ie 2018. I bought it new at a bike shop and i really like the design, the colour and I was very impressed how powerful it was. I really enjoy riding it and used it a lot.
About more than a month after buying it, the troubles started. First, it was the controller that freezed so that it was impossible to use the bike. So i brought the bike to the dealer. It took them and Raleigh over 3 weeks to figure out what was wrong, shipped a new controller and installed it.
Then it was working, until the controller started to display "h-o-t". I had to bring back the bike to the shop and again with Raleigh it took a couples days before they did some kind of reboot to the controller.
So it was working until about two weeks ago. I was on a day trip on a trail when the motor started making a rattling sound, but it was still working. Just when i was starting to head back home (I was 25km away from home), the noise became more like a loud "tac-tac-tac" sound, and everything stopped. There was still plenty of power in the battery, the controller would turn on, but would turn itself off, and no more motor except the tac-tac-tac.
The bike is at the dealer right now, since 8 days. They are waiting to hear the decision from Raleigh, but there is no news.
The dealer already talked to me about trading the bike for a Raleigh Retroglide ie 2018, if Raleigh agree.
But apparently it is a more expensive bike....
And so now I don't know what to do with that, it seem that it is in the hands of Raleigh...
So my experience with a Raleigh ebike is that when they work they are great bikes but when
They don't, don't expect some quick actions from Raleigh customer services!
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