Raleigh Sprite IE


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Can anyone tell me a good place to purchase a second battery for my bike or an upgrade from the battery that came with it when I purchased it?

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It has the same battery as the Izip Protour. Spare batteries are hard to find for the Tranzx brands. I have a 2015 Izip Dash and had a very hard time getting a spare battery. The guy at California gave his word that the battery will be delivered when in reality there was no supply so he was forced to send me the battery that was on the display Izip ebike model from his store. Later, I bought a highly discounted 2015 Raleight Tekoa IE (yes 28 MPH) that share the same battery. Now I have 2 spare batteries for long competitive rides where I can keep up with and even beat professional cyclists.

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@DragonsLair, have you called Currie Tech directly? They are the manufacturer of the Raleigh electric bikes, Customer Service # (800) 377 - 4532, you should be able to order a battery from them. If you're the Dragon's Lair in Austin TX that I know, check with your neighbors, Sun & Ski on Anderson Ln., they're the closest Raleigh dealer; however, I couldn't reach them today (Labor Day) 512-467-2782. Even if they don't handle the electric Raleighs, they are a Raleigh dealer and might be able to order the battery for you (check the price). Spoke with Buck's Bikes 512-250-9550 on Research Blvd, same deal, they could possibly order it.


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Limited supply sources usually means high prices. There are tons of battery builders out there now that can build a battery for most any bike. I would find out the specs of these batteries and the case attachment setup and look at all the options.