Rambo hunting e bike as a road bike?


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Yeah I think you need road tires.

Chaoyang SandStorm

Origin8 Supercell
26 x 4.0 Origin8 Supercell Wire Bead Fat Bike Tires Black/Black Sports &  Outdoors Cycling
These tires are great, I swapped them on all 4 of my fat tire bikes as all we do is street/bike path riding.

I will note however that the prices swing wildly on these. I bought 4-sets (8 tires) at $44 for each tire back in Feb. went to get another set a few weeks ago for my tandem, not that the original tires are nearly done and lowest I could find them was $98 EACH.

FWIW. with these Origin8 tires I have over 4,000 miles on one set of them on one bike and they still look great, not a whole lot of wear. the original knobby Kenda tires that came with the bike didn't even last 2,000 miles.

the Kenda Juggernaut tires on my tandem have 1,900 miles on them and are nearly smooth, though to be fair they are taking double the weight since it is a 2-up bike.


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My experience with Supercells was they wore like iron. I try to buy the 30 tpi version with the extra tough casing. I still have one on the back of my Great Pumpkin, which is running smooth summer tires right now.

The problem I have with them is, for the front wheel, the semi-slick tread gloms onto pointy things like nails and releases them after they have come up off the ground... so putting it straight into my back tire. I had HUGE problems with straight-on nail strikes until I finally was able to figure out what was happening. I solved the problem by changing out the front tire to an Arisun Big Smoothy. Same size, comparable price. Problem solved.

Recently I fitted my Big Fat Dummy with smooth summer tires and could not find Supercells (plenty of them available now but not a few months ago). I used two Big Smoothys and they are working great. FYI Arisun is the North American and EU brand name for Chaoyang ... which is of course familiar cuz they also make the Sandstorm/Supercell.